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From conventional septic systems to aerobic septic systems, Septic One Septic Tank Service in Weatherford, Texas, has what you need. We'll be there for you when you need septic tank service, and our services span eight Texas counties.

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Conventional Septic System

In a conventional system, gravity carries wastewater to an underground, concrete septic tank and then to a drain field. Water pools in the tank long enough for ingredients in the water to separate properly. For example, grease and oils rise to the top as a layer of scum, and solids sink to the bottom as sludge. A septic company then disposes of it at an appropriate disposal site. The remaining, clear water flows out to the drain field. The microbes found in the soil surrounding the panels and pipes act as filters to the water.

Aerobic Septic System

As one of our most popular septic systems, we're confident an aerobic septic system will break down solids more efficiently than anaerobic bacteria from a standard septic tank. This system mixes air into the waste system, which allows oxygen-loving bacteria to flourish. Clean water is then dispersed above ground with spray heads.

The Power of an Aerobic Septic System

If you’re looking to update or replace your home’s septic system, you should consider switching to an aerobic septic system. By using oxygen to further breakdown solids, an aerobic septic system offers a cleaner, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional septic systems. Learn about the many benefits of switching to an aerobic septic system from the experts at your local Weatherford, TX septic service company, Septic One Septic Tank Service.

Improving the Quality of Your Effluent

An aerobic septic system uses aeration to help spread the growth of aerobic bacteria using an air compressor. These bacteria are more efficient when it comes to breaking down solids in the septic system. This helps get rid of the layer of slime that you’d normally find in a traditional septic system.

An aerobic septic system improves the quality of your water runoff or what’s known as an effluent. This makes your septic system all-around more environmentally friendly, helping you get rid of those nasty toxins that can tarnish the surrounding ecosystem.  An aerobic septic system also gets rid of offensive odors that can bog down your property.

Customizing Your Leach Field

With a more efficient septic system, you can decrease the size of your leach field, or the area around your home that’s reserved for your effluent. This really comes in handy if you have a relatively small backyard. You can make the most of your real estate without having to make room for your leach field. You can also expand your leach field to more environmentally sensitive areas because the quality of your runoff is much higher. Depending on the quality of your runoff, you can even recycle your effluent to water your lawn using a sprinkler system.

Overall, an aerobic septic system improves the quality of your effluent, taking the hassle out of disposing nasty compounds and excess waste. As we transition into becoming a more environmentally conscious community, it’s important to do your part as a homeowner. Dispose of bacteria the right way with an aerobic septic system from Septic One Septic Tank Service in Weatherford, Texas. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Low Pressure Dosing (LPD) System

A low pressure dosing system treats and pumps water back into the soil several times a day. Three tanks work together to pump and distribute the wastewater into the soil.

Drip System

The drip system resembles the conventional one. This type of septic system uses a shallow drain field where water trickles over a wide area in a measured dose, forming a pump chamber.

Mound System

If the soil is too thin or contains too much clay, we load a truck full of sand and gravel, with a drain buried inside. Disguising a mound can be a landscaping challenge because you can't use trees or shrubs. Luckily for you, our professionals have the experience to help.

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