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Trust Our Team for Septic System Repair in Weatherford, TX

Your septic tank uses passive methods to treat the wastewater from your home. You’ll know the system is not doing its job when sewage backs up into the house or there’s a problem with your septic field. Your first call should be to our team for septic system repair in Weatherford, TX.

Man Repairing a Septic System

Serving Eight Counties

We’ve seen it all when it comes to septic system repairs. Our dedicated crew travels across eight counties throughout the region, solving septic problems and making repairs. Call us to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll provide a quote for the service you need.

Preventative Maintenance

With a team of professionals and a full-service truck, we can supply your septic system with necessary routine maintenance. Regular evaluations can help ward off urgent issues. However, if you find yourself facing an emergency, call immediately, and we’ll be out within 24 hours.

Cost-Effective Solutions

A maintenance contract is an excellent way to stay ahead of costly problems. A technician from Septic One Septic Tank Service will stop in three times a year to perform a routine check. Emergency septic tank repairs may incur a separate fee.

Septic Tank Accessories

Septic tanks also require additional accessories to ensure proper operation. Ask about our selection of pumps, compressors, and septic chlorine tablets. Please call us for pricing and availability.