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Preserve Your System with Septic System Repair in Mineral Wells, TX

Keeping up with your septic system maintenance will save you a headache down the road. Serving eight counties, Septic One Septic Tank Service in Weatherford, Texas, is there for any emergency septic system repair Mineral Wells, TX, and the surrounding area. We also provide routine maintenance needs including new septic tank installation near me

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New Septic System Installation

When you're building a new house or mobile home outside a city system, you'll need a way to treat your waste water. Our team of professionals will install one of our septic systems to treat and purify your drainage in accordance with state and county regulations. We'll obtain a design from an engineer, complete a soil analysis of the area, and then apply for the proper permits on your behalf from you're controlling county so the septic tank installation can be completed as soon as possible. We will excavate the land before installing a new tank and hooking up the system. The county inspector will look over our work, and we'll cover the system up to finish the job.

Man Working on a Septic System

Man Repairing a Septic System

Repairs and Replacements

Our trucks are fully stocked to handle all kinds of septic system repair issues. Our technicians will be out to examine the problem in person within the first 24 hours after you call.


We offer a yearly maintenance service contract for $150.00, which includes three inspections throughout the year. Emergency services may come with a fee.

Accessory Products

We have pumps, compressors, and septic chlorine tablets available for purchase. Call us to inquire about prices and what we currently have in stock.